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Image by Rachel Kelli


Moo Krob 
Fried crispy pork belly served with sticky rice and seafood sauce.
Shrimp Cake 
Wing Saab  
Deep fried chicken wing, choice of Dry rub or Thai sweet chili sauce.
E-San Sausage 
Northeastern style sausage, sour taste, served with ginger, fresh chili, and roasted peanut.
Chive Dumpling 
Pan fried chive dumpling served with black soy vinaigrette
Moo Ping
Grilled marinated pork skewers served with jaew sauce.

Egg Roll  
Deep fried clear noodles, chicken, and vegetables in wrap. Served with sweet and sour sauce
Pan fried pork dumplings served with ginger sauce.
Fried Wonton  
Crispy fried pork wontons served with sweet and sour sauce.
Had Yai Chicken 
Southern Thai Style.
Deep fried marinated quarter leg of chicken, fried onion served with sweet and sour sauce.
Beef Jerky 
Crab Rangoon  
Fried Calamari 
Fresh Spring Roll  
Rice paper wrapped with boiled shrimp, vermicelli, lettuce, carrot, served with homemade peanut sauce.

Shrimp Tempura 

Veggie Tempura 
Image by Rachel Kelli


Prepared with your choice of: Tofu, Mixed Veg, Chicken, Pork, Beef , Shrimp

Garlic Fried Rice 
Stir fried jasmine rice with egg and garlic in a light homemade soy sauce.
Pineapple Fried Rice 
Stir fried jasmine rice with egg, pineapple, curry powder, onion, tomato, and scallions in a light homemade soy sauce.
Holy Basil Fried Rice 
Stir fried jasmine rice with egg, onion, scallion, tomato's
Classic Fried Rice 
Stir fried jasmine rice with egg, onion, scallion, tomatoes
Train Fried Rice 
(Authentic Thai Fried Rice)
Stir fried jasmine rice with egg, Chinese broccoli, tomato, and onion in sweet soy sauce.
Pad Thai GF  
Stir fried rice noodles, egg, bean sprout, green onion, and peanut in sweet tamarind sauce
Pad Se Ew 
Stir fried wide rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, and egg in sweet brown sauce
Singapore Noodle 
Stir fried egg noodles with chicken, curry powder, fried onion, and mixed vegetables.
Drunken Noodle 
Stir fried wild rice noodles, and mixed veg in spicy basil garlic sauce.
Pad Woon Sen 
Stir fried clear noodles with egg, onion, Napa cabbage and mushroom in black pepper garlic sauce.
Stir fried soba noodles with cabbage, onion and carrot in sweet brown sauce.
Stir fried udon noodles with cabbage, onion, carrot, and in sweet brown sauce.
Image by Rachel Kelli


Larb Moo-Korb 
Thai style spicy and sour salad with crispy pork belly.
Beef Salad 
NY strip cook to medium served with spring mix, red onion, and cucumber special sauce.
SomTom Thai 
Thai style papaya salad with peanut and boiled shrimp.
SomTom Tod 
Crispy papaya salad, peanut and boiled shrimp
SomTom Corn 
Thai style corn salad mixed with shredded carrot and peanut.
Yum Woonsen 
Clear noodle salad with shrimp, ground pork, onion, and cilantro.
Image by Rachel Kelli


Prepared with your choice of: Tofu, Mixed Veg, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp

Red Curry 
Choice of meat with bamboo, bell pepper, and basil leaf
Green Curry 
Choice of meat with bamboo, eggplant, and basil leaf.
Yellow Curry 
Choice of meat with potato, carrot, onion, and tomato
Panang Curry 
Choice of meat in creamy curry sauce garnished with lime leaf.
Mussaman Chicken Curry 
Slow cooked dark meat chicken, potato, carrot, peanut, and onion in coconut milk.
Crispy cod fillet topped with red curry sauce, lime leaf, and basil leaves.
Hang Lay Curry 
Northern style curry with pork belly, garlic, peanut and ginger.
Image by Rachel Kelli

mono maki

Shrimp Tempura
Chicken Tempura 
Spider (Soft Shell Crab)
Tuna Avocado
Salmon Avocado 

Kappa (Cucumber) 

Spicy Tuna 
Spicy Salmon 
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado.
Tuna, Salmon, Avocado

Sweet Potato Tempura 
Asparagus Tempura 

Spicy Scallop
Image by Rachel Kelli
Ala carte (2 pcs.)




Sea Scallop 
Tamago (cooked)
Tako (cooked)
Yellow-fin Tuna
Unagi (cooked)


Image by Rachel Kelli


Unagi Don
Slow cooked fresh water eel on top of well seasoned rice garnished with avocado.

Sake Don
Salmon lover dish. Fresh salmon on top of well seasoned rice, garnished with avocado and marinated salmon roe.
Chirashi Don
Assorted fish on top of well seasoned rice, garnished with avocado, salmon roe, and picked radish.
Four Season Don 
Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy shrimp, and spicy scallop on top of well seasoned rice, garnished with avocado,
different color tobiko.
Mom's Steak Don 
Grilled marinated sirloin steak on top of well seasoned rice, grilled onion in butter, and scallions.
Sushi Boat 
8 pieces of sashimi and 8 pieces of nigiri come with california and dragon roll.
Sushi Entree 
6 pieces of nigiri and California roll, miso soup

Sashimi Entree 
10 pieces of sashimi, chef's choice served with miso soup and small cucumber salad

Choose your spice level:
Mild, Medium, Hot

All entrees served with jasmine rice substitution with steamed veg, steamed noodle.

We cannot promise / guarantee the cross-contact of products

20% Service charge is included for parties of 5 or more.

Image by Rachel Kelli


Tom Yum Koong
Cup  / Bowl 
Thai hot and sour shrimp soup, mushroom, and herbs.
Tom Yum Kai
Cup  / Bowl 
Thai hot and sour soup with chicken, and mushroom.
Poh Taak's Bowl 
Thai hot and spicy clear soup with mixed seafood, shrimp, squid, mushroom, and herbs.
Tom Kha Kai
Cup  / Bowl 
Thai coconut chicken soup with mushroom, and cabbage.
Wonton Soup Bowl 
Shrimp wonton and baby bok choi in chicken broth.
Miso Soup Cup 
Miso paste with soft tofu scallion, and seaweed.
Image by Rachel Kelli


Soft Tacos  
shell, seaweed, sushi rice, topped with diced tuna, salmon, fried shrimp and homemade sauce on top 
Salmon or Hamachi Jalapeño 
Slices of salmon or hamachi topped with jalapeño and ponzu sauce
Poke Bowl 
Sushi rice, seaweed, edamame, avocado, cucumber with choice of tuna, salmon, or boiled shrimp.
Sashimi Flight 
5 different kinds of sashimi styles chef's choices.
Sushi Flight 
5 different kinds of sashimi styles chef’s choices.
Tuna Tartare 
Diced tuna, in special sauce served with chips, topped with tobiko and scallion
Tako Salad 
Grilled octopus with ponzu vinaigrette.
Tuna Tataki 
Seared marinated tuna served with ponzu sauce.
Tuna Avocado Salad 
Served with matcha sesame dressing.
Seaweed Salad 
Cucumber Salad 
House Salad 
Cabbage, lettuce, tomato, corn, edamame, and carrot with Japanese sesame dressing
Mom's Salad 
Mixed greens, grilled chicken, lettuce, avocado, beet roots, and cheese with homemade dressing.
Image by Rachel Kelli


Tom Yum Noodle dd 
(Dry or Soup)
Steamed noodle with ground pork, bbq pork, fried wonton, onion, cilantro, peanut and garlic
Chicken Noodle Soup 
Chicken noodle soup with boiled chicken, onion, and cilantro.
Beef Boat Noodle 
Authentic herb broth noodle soup, meat ball, sliced meat, crispy pork rinds, beansprout, onion, and cilantro
Egg Noodle with BBQ Pork 
(Dry or Soup)
Egg noodles, fried wonton, scallion, bean sprouts, and cilantro in homemade bbq sauce.

Image by Rachel Kelli


Lobster Pad Thai 
Stir fried clear noodles, egg, green onion, and bean sprout in sweet tamarind sauce topped with grilled lobster.
Crying Tiger 
8 oz. rib eye grilled to medium on a sizzling plate, comes with mixed veggies, sticky rice and jaew sauce

Lava Chicken 
Breaded chicken served with mix vegetables and onion, on a sizzling plate drizzle with sweet tamarind sauce.
Lava Shrimp 
Grilled jumbo shrimp served with broccoli, mix vegetables on a sizzling plate drizzled with sweet tamarind sauce.
Khao Moo Krob Moo Dang 
Roasted pork combo with crispy pork, boiled egg, cucumber on jasmine rice served with Thai style BBQ sauce and sweet soy sauce.
Image by Rachel Kelli

thai entrees

Prepared with your choice of: Tofu, Mixed Veg, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp

Mom's Holy Basil 
Chicken, stir fried with spicy garlic brown sauce topped with sunny side up egg
Salt and Pepper Chicken 
Fried Chicken stir fried with pepper garlic sauce.
Cashew Chicken 
Stir fried crispy chicken with bell pepper, onion, water chestnuts and topped with cashew nuts.
Veggie Delight 
Choice of meat with mixed vegetables in a light soy sauce.
Garlic Delight 
Choice of meat stir fried in sweet brown garlic sauce.
Spicy Ginger 
Stir fried choice of meat with spicy ginger paste with bell pepper and green bean.
Ginger Delight 
Stir fried choice of meat with fresh ginger, onion and mushroom in a light soy sauce.
Image by Rachel Kelli


Kid's Tempura 
Chicken tempura on top of jasmine rice.
Kid's noodle 
Stir-fried thin rice noodle with chicken and egg.
Kid's Teriyaki
Chicken / Salmon 
Grilled chicken or salmon in brown sauce over rice.
Image by Rachel Kelli


Homemade Ice Cream
Asked for flavor 
Kanom Taou: Coconut Pudding  
3 Color Mochi Ice Cream 
Matcha Cheese Cake 
Pumpkin Custard 
Mango Sticky Rice (seasonal) 
Image by Rachel Kelli


Jasmine rice 
Sticky rice
Sushi rice 
Naan bread
Steamed noodle
Steamed udon noodle
Steamed Veggies
Image by Rachel Kelli

Signature rolls

Lava Maki: 
Crab meat, avocado, cucumber, topped with spicy shrimp, and mozzarella cheese lava.
Zombie Maki: 
Beef bulgogi, asparagus, scallion, topped with spicy tuna, black tobiko, and creamy gochujang dressing.
Dragon Maki: 
shrimp tempura, cucumber, mayo, masago topped with avocado, unagi and unagi sauce
Rainbow Maki: 
Crab meat, avocado, cucumber topped with 5 different kinds of fish.
Sex on the Beach Maki: 
Deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, topped with seared salmon, tempura crumbs, and dressed with lemon mayo.
Sake Lover Maki: 
Spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber topped with fresh salmon, spicy mayo, and ikura roe.
Crispy Spicy Tuna Maki: 
Deep fried roll of spicy tuna, cream cheese, jalapeño, topped with spicy mayo.
Snow Angel Maki: 
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado topped with super white tuna, black tobiko, scallion.
Cherry Blossom: 
Spicy tuna, cucumber, and avocado topped with fresh tuna.
Orange Blossom: 
Spicy salmon, cucumber topped with salmon.
Bangkok Maki: 
Chicken & shrimp tempura, lettuce, cucumber sweet chili sauce, topped with crab meat, mayo, & edible gold glitter.
Kimbab Maki: 
Oshinko, cucumber, asparagus, avocado, tamago, and drizzled with sesame oil.
Kimono Maki: 
Hamachi, cilantro, cucumber, avocado, topped with red tuna and super white tuna, jalapeno, black tobiko, served with ponzu sauce on side.
Sunshine Maki: 
Deep fried shrimp tempura, avocado, and cucumber topped with salmon, ikura, lemon mayo.
Godzilla Roll: 
Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese, tobiko topped with tempura crumb, wasabi mayo and unagi sauce.

Image by Louis Hansel
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